Moving home

We know that moving home can be a very stressful time for you and your family. You don’t need to worry about your energy though, as we can easily arrange to supply gas and/or electricity to your new home. Here are the five easy steps to follow:
Step 1

Tell us when you’re moving

Simply call us on . Please let us know who will be moving into your old home too. Tell us when you are moving out, where you’re moving to and if you’d like to take us with you. We can then discuss how to set up LECCY as the supplier to your new home.

Step 2

Give us your meter reading on the day you move out

Send us your final meter reading on the day you move out so we can send you an accurate bill.  If you don’t give us a reading, we’ll have to estimate your final bill which may not be accurate.

Step 3

Receive your closing bill

You’ll receive a closing bill from us once we receive the meter reading from your old home.

Step 4

Send us your first meter reading

It’s really important to take a gas and electricity meter reading on the day you move into your new home so you’re not paying for someone else’s energy.

If the energy at your new home is provided by a different energy supplier, we can help you find out which supplier it is so you can easily switch back to us. See our help page on how to read your meter.

Step 5

We’ll confirm your switch over date

We’ll confirm the date from which we’ll become your energy supplier for your new home.

Give us a call and let us know you’re moving.

Get in touch

Moving into a house with a pay as you go meter?

If you’re moving to a house that already has a gas or electricity pay as you go meter you will need to give us some information to make sure we can set up your account correctly. You will need to contact us to get your own pay as you go card or key. Using a previous occupant’s pay as you go card or key can mean that any money you pay may be credited to the previous occupant’s account.

If you’re moving to a property without a pay as you go meter then we advise you to talk to our Customer Services team who can advise you further.

The information we’ll need from you

When you move property we will ask you for the information listed below:

  • A meter reading from the property you’re leaving. These should be taken on or close to the date that you leave the property.
  • How much debt or credit is on your meter.
  • The meter serial number – it’s on the front of your meter next to the barcode, and looks something like: X00L12345.
  • Your new address and the date you’re moving.
  • The meter readings from the property you move into. These should be taken on or close to the date that you move into the property.

Where to find your new meter readings

To get the readings Liverpool Energy Community Company need from the pay as you go meter in your new house, use the display button on the meter. Press the button and write down what’s displayed on the screen and then contact our Customer Service team on and we’ll set up a new account for you.

Once this is completed, we can send a new key or card to you by post or we’ll give you a unique reference number (URN) that you can use to pick up your new key/ card from a local outlet. This may not be the usual outlet you use to top-up your pay as you go key or card.

View information on how to read your meter.