Liverpool Energy Community Company provides one of the cheapest prepayment tariffs available.

What is pay as you go?

A pay-as-you-go (PAYG) or ‘prepayment’ meter allows you to pay for your electricity or gas as you use it. This helps you to manage the cost of your energy supply and avoid high bills.

How does it work?

A sum of money is credited on to a card or key which you then insert into the meter and use on a pay as you go basis.

You can top up your card or key at any PayPoint, or Payzone.

Is it the best choice for me?

Some customers find that the pay-as-you-go meter fits in better with their finances. By topping up your meter regularly during the year, you can build up credit to cover the winter months when energy bills are usually higher.

One thing to remember is that PAYG tariffs are usually more expensive per unit rate (kWh) than other tariffs, so if you don’t need to have a PAYG due to a historical debt issue, they might not be the most affordable choice for you.

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If you’re already on a pay-as-you-go meter

Most people have traditional style PAYG meters but this is changing. At Liverpool Energy Community Company, we want to give people a better option and will offer all those on old PAYG meters the opportunity to have a smart PAYG meter replacement.

Smart meters make it easy for you to top-up and to also monitor how much energy you are actually using, hour by hour, day by day, and so on. This can help you to make small changes to your consumption habits, which will hopefully save you money. Find out more about smart meters.

Download our pay-as-you-go guidance booklet.