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Smart meter payments

You can top up your smart meter account online, over the phone or at your local PayPoint outlet. The top up should go directly onto your smart meter.

Minimum top up: Remember, your minimum top up is £5 per fuel so you’ll need to top up £5 on gas and £5 on electricity to get started.

Top up online

Top up online now

Top up in person

Take your top up card to any PayPoint outlet.

Keep your PayPoint receipts

It’s very important that you keep your receipt from your top up at the PayPoint outlet in case a communication error stops your payment going straight onto your meter.

If this happens you will need to manually input your Vend Code into your smart meter or smart meter In Home Display unit. For guidance on this refer to your support booklet “Welcome to your Smart Meter!”

Top up over the phone

Call our freephone number on 0800 023 4171

Problems topping up?

Occasionally there may be a communication error that prevents your top up information from reaching your smart meter. If this happens consult your “Welcome to your Smart Meter” booklet which will give you guidance on manually inputting your top up Vend Code into your In Home Display unit or smart meter.

If you continue to experience problems topping up just call us on 0800 023 4171 and we’ll resolve your issue as quickly as possible.